I had a bulging disc and had been in pain for two years. All the doctors did was give me pain medicine that put me to sleep. Finally my cousin, Lisa, told me a chiropractor would be better than going to a doctor for back and neck pain. I have only been a patient here for three weeks, and 80% of my pain is already gone. Dr. Sarah Masterson used chiropractic adjustments and Cox Technique for Ruptured Discs; every visit I get better. I would tell anyone considering seeing a chiropractor to, “Go for it!”
Steven W.

After my car wreck, I was afraid I’d be disabled and permanently in pain. When I first came to Masterson Chiropractic Clinic, I had terrible neck and upper back pain and severe pain in my jaw. I was having headaches every day! Even my arms and legs ached. Dr. Masterson made all my pain go away. I’m glad I had that wreck because I feel even better than I did before!
Annette K.

Dr. Masterson (1) relieved pain in my back (2) relieved my leg pain. I had tried exercise and analgesics (pain killers) before trying chiropractic. Dr. Masterson took X-rays to identify and confirm my problem and did numerous adjustments on a schedule. The results were very good; the pain lessened and is now near normal. I came to see Dr. Masterson because I had heard good reports. My previous chiropractor was not so effective.
Don C.

During the summer of 1997 I started having severe pain down my right
leg. I received a cortisone shot in my lower spine which only helped
for awhile. After a few weeks I was sent to Ft. Wayne where they had
scheduled me for a series of three cortisone shots in my spine. A
friend said, “Why don’t you try chiropractic care? If your spine is
out of line it throws everything out of line and puts stress on one
side.” So I cancelled the Ft. Wayne appointment and got into Dr.
Masterson’s office that day. Since that time I’ve gone from a
limping, tired-of-pain existence to an almost pain-free life. I feel
so good I sometimes push myself beyond my normal limits.

I’m so happy that I chose chiropractic care. I feel like I’m back
in control of my life. That is, as much in control as one can be
with five kids and a husband! I will try to do my exercises because
I never want to go back to the old problems. I don’t need the
medicine to cover up pain. I’ve been given the cure. Every time I
come in here I tell the staff how glad I am that there’s no need for
those cortisone shots.

Sandra C.

I was injured five years ago and I have been limping and in pain ever
since. I saw 13 doctors and the last orthopedic surgeon said I
needed hip replacement surgery. I couldn’t bend or stoop or do work
like I used to do.

When Dr. Masterson saw me she began chiropractic adjustments. After
just five treatments my low back and leg pain are almost gone. Also,
my irregular heart beat went away. I had been seeing doctors about
my heart for five years. After these adjustments all the heart tests
are coming out normal.

My wife jumped me just today. She said, “This has been five bad
years out of your life.” Now, I’m getting my life back.

Jerome S.

The pain that I had in the back of my knees since the 1980’s is
gone. I have less body aches than before and I feel better overall.
Don C.

Six months ago, I hurt from head to toe. My back felt like it was burning. There was terrible pain down my leg, and I was having headaches every single day. At Masterson Chiropractic Clinic I finally got relief. Chiropractic was like a miracle to me; it changed my family’s life. Dr. Masterson has virtually eliminated my daughter’s asthma and greatly relieved my other daughter’s fibromyalgia.
Jennifer P.

I was a complete and total wreck, with neck, upper back, low back, wrist pain and headaches. Dr. Sarah Masterson has changed my life; I didn’t know could feel so good. It was like no matter how much I was massaged, the pain was still there; the massage didn’t help at all. Now, my upper back doesn’t knot up anymore or hurt! I can move freely. I have already referred people to Dr. Masterson!
Deborah K.

After long years I am for the most part pain free! Medical doctors
said I would need pain pills for the rest of my life and a wheelchair
was not too far into my future. So I gave in to chiropractic care.
What a change! Try living with pain 24/7; then you will understand
the difference! I will never be 100% because my back had been in
this condition too long before I saw a chiropractor. However, at
least I am for the most part pain free. Don’t wait — try
chiropractic! What have you got to lose?
William F.

I used to be in bed most of the time. I was in pain for a year while
my doctors prescribed pain pills. After I came to see Dr. Masterson
and she took x-rays she started to adjust my back for my pain. ALL
of my pain has gone away! I’m able to walk. I’m on the streets all
the time and on the go. I went on vacation six weeks after beginning
to see Dr. Sarah. I thought I would have to stay at my mother’s
house and not be able to go out much, but I was actually able to walk
the Florida beach with my granddaughter. My Mom and aunt were
shocked I could get around. I had given up hope and thought I was
going to be a cripple.
Pat W.

I was almost immobile when I came to Masterson Chiropractic Clinic.
Years of taking ibuprofen for low back and upper back pain gave some
relief but I got progressively worse because my job involves a lot of
driving. Chiropractic took the pain away. The only place I have that
bothers me is right between the shoulder blades, if I’m not careful.
Chiropractic keeps me feeling great! It has made all the difference
in the world!
Alan R.